How it Works? How to Earn NSG Back?

Step 1 - Login & Browse Our Retailers

Once you are registered feel free to browse over 600+ Stores that participate through our rebate store.

Step 2 - Click-through & shop

Once you find a retailer or store you want to shop at click through that store and complete your purchase.

Step 3 - Cashback gets added

After you have completed your purchase through that store you can expect NSG to be added to your My Block Rebates account within 72 hours

Step 4 - Request a Payout

Once you have met the min. threshold of 50 NSG you may request a payout at

Step 5 - Return to My Block Rebates and keep shopping and keep earning NSG back!

Check back often as new stores are conitnually added. Keep earning NSG on everything you buy through MBR!


When do I receive my cashback in NSG?
Depending on the network and the retailer it can take up to 72 hours to receive your NSG back.

When does my rebate become available for withdraw and confirmed?
We put a 30 day hold on every rebate. Once that 30 days is passed your NSG is available for immediate withdraw!

Why did I not receive 5 NSG from my friend I invited?
In order to receive 5 NSG your referrall must have made at least one purchase through My Block Rebates for you to qualify for the 5 NSG bonus!

I am a new user and it saids my email is already in use, what do I do?
Your email may have been imported from the NASGO Ecosystem. If this is the case simply hit "forget password" to have your password resent to you via email.

Is there a limit to the amount of people I can refer?
NO! You can refer as many people as you want! Just remember they MUST have a valid email address and they must make a qualifying purchase from our site. 

Can I manipulate your system and create fake accounts to earn extra NSG?
NO! We have a fraud system in place to detect unusual activity and if caught your account will be permanently suspended without notice.

How much can I earn referring others?
5 NSG for every qualified person joining. 20% commissions from your referrals cashback and 10% commissions from your referrarals, referrals (2nd level).